SEO Consulting & Training Services

Sharpen your team’s SEO instinct with tailored training programs designed to solve problems and improve their knowledge and skills


Foundation Training

Master the core principles of SEO -- links, content, and technical -- to build a strong foundation for your online success.

SEO for Local Businesses

Boost your local presence and connect with your community through targeted SEO tactics.

New Website Launch

Kickstart your online journey on the right foot with foundational SEO strategies from the get-go.

Industry-specific Training

Tailored training programs addressing the unique SEO challenges and opportunities within your industry.

Site Migration & Redesign

Ensure a smooth transition and maintain SEO integrity during your website’s migration or redesign process.

Keyword Research Training

Uncover the language of your audience with in-depth keyword research training, guiding your content strategy.

SEO for Media Publications

Elevate your publication's online visibility and reader engagement through optimized search strategies.

UX and SEO

Merging intuitive design with SEO best practices to enhance user satisfaction and search engine rankings.

Writing Content for Search

Learn the art of crafting content that resonates with both search engines and your audience.


SEO Audit & Strategy
Development Services

Sharpen your team’s SEO instinct with tailored training programs designed to solve problems and improve their knowledge and skills


Technical SEO Audit

Unearth and resolve underlying technical issues to ensure your website operates seamlessly and is favored by search engines.

SEO for Local Businesses

Target the right audience for your business by using the very keywords they use to find your products and services on Google through in-depth keyword research.

Backlink Audit & Research

Analyze your backlink profile to unearth opportunities for improved site authority and organic ranking.

Market Research & Trends

Stay ahead by understanding the prevailing market dynamics and emerging trends to align your SEO strategies effectively.

Competitive Analysis

Gain a strategic edge by dissecting competitors' strategies and identifying areas of low-hanging opportunity.

Metadata Audit & Optimisation

Enhance your site's metadata to ensure it's compelling and optimized for both users and search engines.

Analytics & GSC Audit

Make better and informed decisions using your site's Google Analytics and Google Search Console data.

Content Audit & Research

Evaluate your content's effectiveness and discover areas for improvement to resonate better with your audience.

EEAT Audit

Establish and exhibit your site’s experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness to improve its credibility.

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Proven and impactful results from SEO

Adele Nasr, Chief Marketing Officer at Aventon

This project helped the site rank on the first SERP for keywords such as e-bike. As a result, revenue is up significantly year over year. Kris works very closely with the internal team. Communicative and easy to work with, he's a true partner. I was very clear that my goal, first and foremost, was to rank on really high-value terms and he took that very seriously and that became a pillar goal for us going into this relationship. He was able to achieve that in less than six.

Stephen Brett

Stephen Brett, CEO at 500 Designs

Kristoffer made a positive impact on our approach to SEO. His leadership and guidance greatly helped our team evolve our approach. Within a few months, we started to see search results improve for our clients, but more than that, was the strategy for continuously improving our SEO game.

Roland Sy of Satchmigroup

Roland Sy, President at Satchmigroup Inc.

Our website's now optimized and easier to use. our clients can now easily navigate through the pages without having a hard time looking for a specific item. SEO helped a lot, too. Overall experience was superb.

Reena Mesias of Serious Studio

Reena Mesias, Art Director at Serious Studio

Kris has not only provided both professional and timely service but also consultation on the best web practices suited for my clients. He listens to his clients and keeps us informed every step of the way. Good job!


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