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About Kristoffer Canimo

I’ve always been hooked on and fascinated by the internet. I used to save up from my allowance just to spend time at the local internet cafe, diving into codes and reading blogs from folks living on the other side of the world. While other kids were busy jazzing up their Friendster profiles and adding new online buddies, I was already busy building my own website — and not just on Blogspot or WordPress — but my very own .com.

I got pretty caught up in it – choosing the right theme, writing down my thoughts, and sharing them online. It wasn’t long before I started getting emails from people wanting to pay me $30 to post their articles on my site. For a high school kid, earning money for posting about vacuum cleaners, cool t-shirt designs, or casinos (??) in places I’d never heard of felt like a sweet deal. So, I kept at it through college and even when I started working in Manila’s business district.

The whole SEO gig didn’t start until much later. It hit me that those folks who were paying me for blog posts back in the day were actually link builders. Curious, I started learning about link building, and before I knew it, I landed a job as a link builder with a local company. That’s where my SEO journey really began. After that, so much more — dealt with countless major algorithm updates (got hit by some, recovered from some), direct reports going AWOL, managing bosses, managing clients, migrations here, redesigns there, and countless of sites going down (and resolving them fairly quickly, of course).

What I really love about SEO is the chance to try out new things. It’s not an exact science nor a pure art form. Strategies that worked wonders for one client might not work for another. Every website is a different challenge, and that’s what keeps it exciting.

In the last 12 years, I’ve worked with all sorts of clients—from finance and healthcare to adult sites and local brands just starting out. The learning never stops, and that’s the fun part.

With everything going digital and AI making things faster, creating content for websites has never been this easy, especially compared to how it was six years ago. But with this speed, I feel like we’ve lost a bit of the human touch, the focus on real people using these sites. That’s my big goal now. I want to help create meaningful moments between businesses and their customers through user-focused SEO. It’s not just about your customers finding your site, but actually finding it useful and helpful.

The internet’s a big place with lots of clutter. I want to do my bit to clean it up, make every visit to a site worthwhile, and create real impact. One click, one search, one meaningful moment at a time.

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