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Content Is King

No matter what others tell you, content is king.

The truth is, while many turn to expensive SEO tactics and outreach campaigns, more and more are starting to realize the importance of high-quality content.

A great digital content, with an equally great SEO work, provides businesses with stronger online presence and increased social engagement more than anything else.

Here’s another truth:
If content is king, then
I’m your Kingmaker.

I am a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and proofreader with more than eight years of demonstrated experience in the digital marketing industry. As your kingmaker, I aim to provide your business with high-quality content fit for a royalty. You can expect my work to be fast, clear, and engaging. Most importantly, it will magnet visitors and convert them into loyal customers.

Sure, your business has something to say. Let me help you say it well.

Hire me as your freelance writer today if you are in need of a great content that is fresh, easy to digest, and SEO-friendly. This way, you can dedicate your time and attention on other critical parts of your business.

Areas of Interest

Here’s what they say about me

I have worked with dozens of businesses – small and medium – in the past. As a result, I’ve helped them attract more readers and get better Google rankings by providing great articles that make sense.


Sherilyn Colleen

Sherilyn Colleen LinkedIn

Managing Editor
Home Business Mag

Kristoffer has an impressive knack for writing informative, well-written content with a quick turnaround time. We look forward to a continued collaboration on potential print and online articles.

Jenna Gabat

Jenna Gabat LinkedIn

SEO Team Lead

Kristoffer is a knowledgeable writer for various niches. He has definitely gone the extra mile to make sure quality content is delivered on time for my clients. It’s always a joy to work with him.

Emmanuelle Vivas

Emmanuelle Vivas LinkedIn


I’ve worked with Kristoffer for the last three years, up to now. He does quick work and knows his way around in terms of content strategy and creation. He’s a quick thinker and needs very little supervision.

Vin Moorjani - Content Is King

Vin Moorjani
Domain Bird

Kristoffer has contributed a lot to my clients’ needs for valuable content. He has a way with words that’s both truly engrossing and credible. It’s so fun working with him and his vibrant personality.