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I am Kristoffer Canimo, a freelance digital marketing specialist in Manila focused on web design.

Whether you own a startup or a Fortune 500, bad design or a poorly written copy can seriously hurt your business. I'm here to take care of your digital marketing needs so you can focus on running your company.
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    Web Design & Development
    Your website is the fastest way to make a good first impression to your potential customers. Let's work together and give them an easy and hassle-free way to get to know you (and your products!) better without scaring them off with bright-colored backgrounds.
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    Content Writing
    Sure, your company has a lot of things to say. Don't let your most important message get lost in the mix. Let me help you say it well. I thrive in crafting memorable messages that cut through target demographics.
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    Search Engine Optimization
    Without optimizing your content for search engines, you'd probably be just shouting into the void. Climb up the search engine ladder and increase your online visibility. Give your website the TLC it deserves with SEO & watch how visitors turn into loyal customers.
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    Content Marketing
    Let me help your website climb up the search results page by meeting your link building objectives. I will connect you with quality and relevant influencers in your industry to boost your digital presence.

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Jenna Gabat
Kristoffer is a very professional and brilliant content strategist. He has always gone the extra mile in providing my clients with quality content that's delivered way ahead of the deadline. It's a joy to work with him.
Sherilyn Colleen
Kristoffer has an impressive knack for writing informative, well-written content with a quick turnaround time. We look forward to a continued collaboration on potential print and online articles.
Ronald Sy
Satchmi's website is now optimized and easier to use. Our clients can now easily navigate through the pages without having a hard time looking for a specific merchandise. SEO helped a lot, too. You can easily reach him throughout the day for any technical queries. Overall experience was superb.
Emmanuelle Vivas
I’ve worked with Kristoffer for more than three years. He knows his way around in terms of content strategy and creation. He’s a quick thinker and needs very little supervision.
Vin Moorjani
Kristoffer has contributed a lot to my clients’ needs for content that converts. He has a way with words that’s both truly engrossing and credible.

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